Delight in Them

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He Delights in Me

I love scriptures where God talks about delighting in us. It fills me with a warmth knowing that even if I’m not perfect and I make mistakes, He delights in me. My favorite scripture describes this beautifully in the New International Version.

Zephaniah 3:17

The LORD your God is with you,
He is mighty to save.
He will take great delight in you,
He will quiet you with his love,
He will rejoice over you with singing.

Just the thought of Him taking great delight in me, quieting me with His love, and rejoicing over me with singing fills me with warmth. Like being wrapped in the coziest, furriest blanket next to a roaring fire in the fireplace while there is a blizzard outside, hearing the ferocious wind knocking at the window trying to make its way in. This scripture helps comprehend how much He does love me and it fills me with peace.

Psalm 16:3 As for the saints who are in the land, they are the glorious ones in whom is all my delight.

Psalm 22:8 “He trusts in the LORD; let the LORD rescue him. Let Him deliver him, since He delights in him.”

Delight: To take great pleasure or joy.

What a treasure it is to delight in the Lord and know that He delights in us! I derive such a security in that knowledge.

I Delight in Them

Imagine the security that grows in our children when they know that we delight in them. When we take great pleasure and joy in who they are and what they do.

Let me provide an example. I was watching Timothy and Preston playing football together. They were like puppies frolicking and getting all that energy out. They grunted, they laughed, they tackled, they yelled. I just watched them, thoroughly enjoying the moment. The best part is that they had an audience that they wanted to impress. They love having me watch their play.

Erin was a little off-kilter yesterday and imagined a slight from Pete that was non-existent. She refused to talk to him in imagined hurt. As we sat at dinner and we held hands to pray, I glanced at her and saw her scowling at Pete trying to make a point. Her look was so classic offended-twelve-year-old that I had to laugh as I said to Pete, “Oooh! You must be in serious trouble!” He laughed, Erin laughed and we had a great time.

It’s fun to watch their ages come and see the accompanying behaviors that go with them. You know what they are and that makes it even more amazing and delightful. I know that my “puppies” will grow up and become men and women some day. By knowing their behaviors for that age, and allowing them to act them out “in a healthy way” and providing the boundaries, I know that they will flourish.

Because I know that Erin is now approaching that emotional upheaval that we call adolescence, I smile inwardly when certain behaviors pop up. I’m expecting the crying that turns into laughter one split second later. It works in reverse, too! I can put my arm around her when she cries and says she doesn’t understand why she feels a certain way or does a certain thing. I can console her and then we can talk about it.

HOWEVER, and that’s a big HOWEVER, certain behaviors are NOT allowed – disrespect and disobedience are corrected immediately. We had one of those this weekend. It was a heart changing moment and great strides are being made to correct that behavior.

So, I delight in their ages and their phases. It’s so cool to watch it come and play out.

Then, I delight in who they are. Each one has personality traits that are awesome.

Christopher has a sense of humor that is really off-beat – so off that it’s hilarious. Unexpected, honest and definitely not run-of-the-mill. He has a heart for his child that is unbelievable, a great and tender dad. He is an awesome husband and very caring of others. I delight in these qualities. I revel in them. I watch him hold his 5 month old son with a tenderness and with such a love in his eyes that it brings tears to mine. It is beautiful to watch.

Melissa is so much fun to be with. She used to be such a tomboy and I watched her develop into a beautiful young lady with such a sweetness that everyone who comes into contact with her loves her. She has an innocence and trusting nature that is unusual in someone who has walked the path that she has. She used to rely only on herself . She has never asked for help during her tough times. She has paid her penalties and consequences with courage and determination knowing full well that it was her choice that got her there in the first place. Admirable! Now she relies solely on God. Another great quality.

Jared – my Jared is amazing. With autistic behaviors at birth, he can now walk up to any stranger, look them in the eye, shake their hand and start a conversation. He has an amazing brain for math and science. He has entertained me over the years with his experiments. We laugh a lot, his sense of humor is just right! And he is such a helper. I don’t know how I would have made it in 2005 when I was left homeless, jobless, car-less and divorced, without his willing heart and helping hand. He was a very bright light for me during that time. Now he is a huge light for everyone he meets. The joy of the Lord shines through him mightily, thanks be to The Lord.

Erin is my little copy which makes it even more fun. I recognize so many behaviors and ways of thinking! My life was tough and rough growing up. We talk about it and we discuss which of my behaviors made it more difficult than it should have been. It makes a difference to her. She is strong and will be an awesome, amazing mother one day. I delight in her tender heart that goes out to the underdog and the most delightful, heart-touching cards and letters that she writes. She is full of talent and promise and will be an awesome leader one day.

Preston. Ahhh… I think of him and my heart goes all soft inside. He has such a good heart and has been blessed with a boldness for what is morally right that is mind-boggling. He is so good with people that he is blessed with many, many friends who want to be with him. He has an instinct about people. There are so many adults that have been touched by his beautiful love for them. We have great times together.

I enjoy them all. They all offer something different and our times together are varied. I delight in their positive qualities. When the negative comes out, it makes it easier because I remember the good and the beautiful that God has created in them.

Delighting in our children is the best way that I have experienced to help them know of our love for them; to let them see that they are awesome people and that we enjoy being with them.

So, if I (being imperfect) can love, enjoy, and delight in my children, how much more does my Father in Heaven delight in me? That should give us security in His love for us and in who we are. His children – His treasured possession.

May God bless you to discover His delight in you and that you, in turn, will delight in your children!