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  • Old woman

    A New Kind of Christmas

    Christmas is around the corner; a time to rush around shopping, fighting traffic and crowds, dealing with the grumpies, buying and buying and buying. Or…
  • Bible

    Reaping the Fruit of the Word

    Wow! What has made these two adult children, one 25 yo and completely healed from a rebellious bout that took her deep into the occult world, and the other 22 yo who is healed from what the world labels autism, come together to pray just because? How did they come...
  • Rave party

    Children on Drugs – What to Do?

    What do you do when, as a parent, you find one or more of your children on drugs? Here is what we did – all under the direction of God – with great results.
  • Disclaimer:

    This site was designed to convey hope. We made the changes because God led us to make these changes and the results are miraculous! We are enjoying the fruits of our labors as our faith-filled kids live their lives. Are our kids perfect? By all means no! But we offer an abundance of grace and forgiveness. Are we perfect as parents? Not at all – we make our share of mistakes; but God offers us an abundance of grace and forgiveness.

    We realize that sometimes our children will still make choices that are less than what we want for their lives (see Cain and Abel) but we firmly believe that they have a better chance with this radical approach.

    We hope that this website will be an encouragement to you as you raise Godly children in an ungodly world. Check out our Homeschool Section, go the the Contact Page and give us your ideas (we love to hear other success stories), pray about your own home values, look for solutions in the parenting section, read some articles.

    We pray that your families will benefit from this fellowship of believers who want to make a difference in their children’s lives as they raise kids of faith..

  • Kat’s Musings

    A sister website was developed to provide encouragement and hope for those who have led extremely broken lives.

    I didn't have the ideal childhood and, without God, made some wrong choices with horrible consequences. The result was a very difficult life with a lack of self-esteem and self-control, and a deep abiding depression.

    Through God's miraculous intervention, I have been completely healed of my past abuse. At Kat's Musings I share a lot of what God has done for me and the journey to complete healing.

    I pray that this other site will give you hope in the redeeming power of Jesus Christ.

  • and More Disclaimer!

    This website is not meant to instill guilt or condemnation. Jesus came not to condemn, but to save the world (Romans 8:1, John 3:17).

    Our aim is to provide an alternate way of parenting that has been applied in our lives with great results, thanks be to Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. By applying the principles described in the articles of this website, we have seen our family change from a very dysfunctional family to a happy family with faith-filled kids. We have chosen to stand firm then, submit to God (first and foremost) and resist the devil with the promise that he WILL flee (James 4:7).

    Our approach to parenting has been a very radical approach. The reason for this is because I watched my two older children, Christopher and Melissa, stray even with biblical principles taught in the home. As I watched my third child, Jared, begin the same path, I got angry! Not at him, but at the results. Therefore, what we are presenting here is *our way* of that radical parenting; working hard with God to raise kids of faith. I realize that each child and situation is different; however, I also realize that despite the challenges in our lives (abuse, divorce, anger issues), all five children are now emotionally healthy and walking God's path for them. They are walking as Godly children in an ungodly world.

    Do they have choice? Yes! But they also realize that with that choice comes consequences.

    God bless you with His Spirit of Wisdom and Revelation as you ask for His guidance in your path as a parent!